Single or twin axles? So which is best?

Only the very largest caravans need four wheels to bear their fully laden weight, most caravans being very adequately supported by one axle. Some caravan bodies can be fitted with either to give the buyer choice. So which is best?

Single vs Twin axles

In theory, two tyres on each side of the caravan give better grip than one and bring better stability. When parked, however, the twin axle caravan does not necessarily stand level and may have a heavier nose weight than that of a single axle.

The single axle scores heavily when manoeuvring on site. The twin’s on-road benefit of extra grip becomes a liability when you have to swing the caravan to hitch up. Unless you’re an expert in reversing your outfit for spot-on pitching and 100% accurate at backing up to reconnect, then stick to a single axle and spare the heaving! Finally, an extra axle adds initial cost and weight, doubles tyre replacement costs, and requires greater care and maintenance to achieve braking balance.

Twin axles might seem a better bet, but think carefully before choosing this option. Better grip and stability come at the expense of manoeuvrability.

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