How to drive whilst towing a caravan?

Updated: Aug 23

So you have just purchased your first caravan and are thinking of setting off for a summer holiday. Well, we all know that towing your caravan across the country can be a pretty daunting task; especially if you have never towed anything before. Well, don’t you worry; here are some pieces of advice that may help you on your way.

How to drive whilst towing a caravan

Before you leave

It is always a good idea before you set off to do a final maintenance and safety check, especially if you have left your caravan standing for a long time. You should also check to see f the load is correctly distributed and firmly secured; you don’t want it coming unattached during your drive. The lights should also be checked, are they undamaged and working correctly?

Next up check the tyre pressures and ensure that your tyres are all in good condition. And finally you have to ensure that the caravan is safely and correctly coupled to the tow ball or pin and that the coupling height is level and correct.

Whilst you’re driving

The performance of the vehicle you are driving will obviously be affected by the fact that you are towing a caravan so keep these points in mind.

When you are moving off from a stationary position it will take a lot more effect as you are towing a substantially larger amount of weight. You should also remember that when arriving at junctions or pulling out of them, it will take a lot longer than usual to speed up or slow down.

And the last thing to remember is that it will be a lot trickier to negotiate sharp bends. You should take extra care because you don’t want to jack-knife.

Well, there you go, I hope this tips are of some use to you. All you have to do now is make sure you have the right insurance for your caravan and drive carefully.

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