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Restricted headroom is a nuisance for tall people and some caravans offer only 1.8m (6 ft) height or less. If the caravan has a sloping front to reduce drag, the reduced height at the front should not affect easy access to a front dinette, but check to be certain.

The ease of getting into the seats around the table should also be tested.

The toilet compartment will be to the side or at the end where the roof may slope downwards, so sufficient height here for showering or shaving is important.

Showers and loos

Whilst on the subject of the toilet, where will it stand if it’s a self-contained portable one rather than the fixed cassette type? Does it store under the basin? Wherever it is, is there comfortable space to stand upright at the wash basin?

Quite often with centre kitchens the toilet is opposite the wheel arch, so this could be in the way. Is the light near the mirror or, as is sometimes the case, behind your head as you shave or make up?

Think about how you are going to use your caravan, and the others who may be using the facilities.

Some layouts only provide access to the washing facilities through the main bedroom. This may not be ideal for some, though for a couple it may suit them perfectly. You’ll get more privacy, as you’re not stepping from the shower straight into the living room.

Floor coverings

What sort of floor covering would you prefer? Deep pile carpets are cosy, but vinyl flooring when you come in with muddy boots is more practical. Some caravans have removable carpeting – the best of both worlds!

Summing up

Have a look at some typical layouts at our dealership and try to imagine yourself using them on a daily basis. You’ll soon get a good idea of what’s practical for your lifestyle, while suiting your budget.

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