Why Should I Buy A UK Caravan?

Highest Specifications

UK Caravans are manufactured to the highest specification and certified to the highest European and British standards. You will never get better value for money than with a UK Caravan.

UK Caravans typically cost less than New Zealand & Australian caravans, so it is likely that you will get more for your money – often with better features, benefits and finishing.

Many people believe that UK Caravans are 5 to 6 years ahead of local caravans, in terms of superior quality, design innovation and style.

Please look at these features below and decide for yourself.

Why Should I Buy A UK Caravan?


Which UK caravans include

UK Caravans are ideal for family touring.They come in a huge selection of 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 berths.

Light weight

for easier towing by smaller vehicles (an important consideration these days)

Good insulation

Your caravan stays comfortable in all climates


with shower and toilet

Fitted flushing cassette toilet

For ease and comfort

Double glazing

Keeping it warm, dry and healthy

Fitted insect screens, blinds & drapes

Helps keep annoying insects out

Safety and Security

Helps keep your caravan safe and secure


Other Questions

Do UK Caravans suit New Zealand?

The UK has a colder, harsher climate than New Zealand. Like UK housing, caravans are made so people are comfortable in this climate all year round. UK Caravans are all-year, all-weather caravans, with refrigeration panel walls and double glazing. They are ideal for New Zealand conditions!

What sort of brakes, couplings, chassis and suspension do they have?

Override brakes. 50mm Ball Coupling.
Chassis are lightweight and strong – AL_KO galvanized chassis. Most of the caravans come with independent suspension.

What about voltage and electrical comply with New Zealand? Are these caravans safe?

English caravans take 12V/ 240V – the same as in New Zealand. We do have to change a few electrical fittings to comply with New Zealand Standards, and we supply an Electrical Certificate as part of compliance which makes them very safe.

Why appliances need to be changed?

New Zealand has high compliance standards, which is great for New Zealanders! Appliances which are new, second hand, made by world wide popular brands – all have to be tested and certified to New Zealand Standards before use. A gas certificate cannot be issued till the appliances are approved and certified to New Zealand standards, tagged and issued with a letter of compliance by an approved certifying body in accordance with the requirements of New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 5601

What engine capacity is required to tow these caravans?

UK Caravans are lighter weight than New Zealand caravans, which means you can tow most with a standard family car.

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